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Re: Evil Demonic Cultivator is a 138 Chapters Martial Arts novel by VileX, which has gotten more than 291.4 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Re: Evil Demonic Cultivator summary and more below.

Re: Evil Demonic Cultivator Summary

Yao Wang was an unrivaled genius who transcended the world of cultivation by practicing the evil Dao, obtaining heaven-defying growth and doing hell smiling evil.

The path of righteousness has dealt him a bad hand; first, he was denied his rights as a prince, and second, his brother was killed for loving the empress; however, Yao Wang sought vengeance on behalf of his big bro and killed both the emperor and the empress and was met with a large crowd of Immortals who fought endlessly with him for weeks until his demonic power was sealed, rendering him powerless.

But he was reincarnated after summoning his death dragon with his last bit of strength.

He reincarnated in a new world, a modern cultivation world, with a little bit of his previous life strength, becoming slightly overpowered.

Will he remain evil and the sadist he is as a past timer, seeing new born technology and new born methods of cultivation, even after discovering he has a little bro?

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Re: Evil Demonic Cultivator (Webnovel)

Re Evil Demonic Cultivator
Re Evil Demonic Cultivator

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