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Amalgam Universe Beast Boy is a 90 Chapters novel by Malamber, which has gotten more than 1.1 Million views on Webnovel. Read Amalgam Universe Beast Boy summary and more below

Amalgam Universe Beast Boy Summary

Amalgam Universe Beast Boy – A 36 year old Garfield Logan is a military veteran working a Museum security job. A robbery goes wrong and our story begins.

He finds himself in a different body and wouldn’t you know it he doesn’t just have to worry about a big purple nut chinned simp that wants to kill 50% of all living things to impress his crush, Death (Balance my A&&). But he also has to worry about an Anti Lifer whose look really can kill. Seriously Darkseid, take up a hobby, learn to paint with more than the blood of the innocent. Set up an adoption agency for abused space animals and retired Paradeamon’s. Something, just leave Earth alone.

This is my first time writing and I am doing it for my enjoyment. Will look forward to comments and constructive criticism but complaints will have a better chance of getting to me of you scream them out your window and I happen to be walking by at that time. My greatest hope is that this story will inspire someone else to write a story I will enjoy.

Going to shoot for daily release but I have to work to do the things I enjoy so we will see.

I don’t own the Pic’s or the Original Characters concepts.
Also I accidently placed this in Novel instead of FanFic so moved it. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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Amalgam Universe Beast Boy (Webnovel)

Amalgam Universe Beast Boy
Amalgam Universe Beast Boy

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