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MCU: Druid’s Adventures is a 61 Chapters novel by Lightreaper, which has gotten more than 873.6 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read MCU: Druid’s Adventuressummary and more below

MCU: Druid’s Adventures Summary

MCU: Druid’s Adventures – Oaks Woods, blessed by the power of nature, was reborn in the Marvel world.
But this world is on the brink of danger…
Facing the three paths of destiny— Technology, mutation, and magic.
So, shall I become a scientist who appears to be a mutant but actually uses magic?

“Dread It. Run From It.”
Confronting the army led by the Avengers, Thanos raised his tyrant’s blade:
” Destiny Arrives All The Same. And Now It’s Here. Or Should I Say, I Am!”
“Submit before the Destiny!”

–Flutter-flutter— “Stop, Roar!”

“…Redirect the fire!”
Thanos turned around and slashed through Captain America’s shield with a single strike:
“You said you can fight all day?”

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MCU: Druid’s Adventures (Webnovel)

MCU Druid’s Adventures
MCU Druid’s Adventures

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