You Are Mine, Omega

You Are Mine, Omega is a novel by AlisTae, a pseudonym of Alina Summers, a talented author who writes fantasy and romance stories. The novel is about Allison, a rare omega who has the power to control the elements, and Ryan, a powerful alpha who is her fated mate. The novel is full of drama, suspense, and passion, as the couple faces many challenges and enemies in their journey to be together. Read You Are Mine, Omega summary below.

You Are Mine, Omega Summary

Allison is a rare omega who has the power to control the elements. She is the daughter of the beta of the Moonlight Crown pack, but she hides her identity and status from everyone at school. She has a crush on Ethan, the alpha’s son and the future leader of the pack, but he rejects her as his mate because he thinks she is too weak and unworthy. He also has a girlfriend, Julie, who is a cruel and manipulative alpha who hates Allison and bullies her constantly.

Ryan is the cousin of Ethan and the true heir of the pack. He left the pack when he was young and traveled the world, becoming a famous playboy and a powerful alpha. He returns to the pack after his father’s death and meets Allison, who he feels an instant attraction and connection to. He discovers that she is his fated mate and vows to protect her and make her his.

However, their relationship is not easy, as they face many obstacles and enemies. Julie tries to sabotage their bond and harm Allison, Ethan becomes jealous and possessive of Allison, and a rogue pack led by a mysterious alpha named Damien tries to kidnap Allison and use her power for their evil plans. Allison also has to deal with her own insecurities and fears, as well as the secrets of her past and her true identity.

Will Allison and Ryan overcome all the challenges and be together? Will Allison accept her destiny and embrace her power? Will Ethan realize his mistake and repent? Will Julie get what she deserves? Will Damien be stopped and defeated? Find out in this thrilling and romantic novel, You Are Mine, Omega by AlisTae.

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You Are Mine, Omega
You Are Mine, Omega

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