When Love Comes Late

When Love Comes Late Summary

Stella Anderson is a wealthy heiress who has always lived under the control of her grandfather. He wants her to marry a man of his choice, but she refuses. On his deathbed, he makes one last wish: for Stella to marry Matthew Clark, an ordinary man who works as a mechanic in his company. He gives them a year to live together and fall in love, or else they will lose their inheritance.

Stella agrees to the marriage, but only in name. She thinks Matthew is a gold-digger who wants her money. She leaves him right after the wedding and goes to New York to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer. Matthew is hurt by her coldness, but he respects her decision. He stays in Seattle and works hard to improve his skills and reputation.

A year later, Stella returns to Seattle to finalize their divorce. She is shocked to see how much Matthew has changed. He is no longer a simple mechanic, but a successful businessman who owns several car shops. He is also handsome, confident, and charming. He has many admirers, including his secretary, Lisa.

Stella feels a surge of jealousy and attraction towards Matthew. She realizes that she has missed him and that he is not the greedy man she thought he was. She decides to give their marriage a chance and tries to get closer to him.

However, Matthew is not so easy to win over. He has been hurt by Stella’s rejection and thinks she only wants him back because of his success. He also believes that she has a boyfriend in New York, named Alex. He tries to resist her advances and pushes her away.

Will Stella be able to convince Matthew that she loves him for who he is? Will Matthew be able to trust Stella and open his heart to her? Will they be able to overcome the misunderstandings and obstacles and find true love?

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When Love Comes Late
When Love Comes Late

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