What it Means to Take Charge

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In today’s bible study, we will discuss a life-transforming bible nugget that will change our lives for good. The title of today’s bible study is “What it Means to Take Charge”

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Bible Study Passage

To start with, let us examine a passage from the bible. 
In the book of Exodus from chapter 1 to chapter 5, we read the story of The Israelites as they were subjected to back-breaking servitude by Pharaoh, who claimed he didn’t know Joseph.

Despite this inhumane treatment, the Israelites kept multiplying. At that time, Pharaoh made a decree stating that every male child born to the Israelites be put to death

It happened that it was in this period that Moses was born, his mom couldn’t hide him after three months, so, she made a papyrus basket, put her child into it and dropped the basket among the reeds along the Nile River, at the same time, Moses’ sister Miriam followed his baby brother to know what will happen to him. She stood at a distance and watched.

When Pharaoh’s daughter went down to the Nile to bathe, she saw the baby and took him, and at the same time, Miriam rushed and requested if she can get a Hebrew woman to nurse the baby, a request which Pharaoh’s daughter acquiesced to. As the story had it, Moses grew up under Pharaoh to redeem the Israelites from the stern rulership of Pharaoh himself; What a miracle! That being said, thanks to Miriam, Moses was nursed by Moses’ own mother herself.

Love in the Family

Miriam was so much attached to her little brother Moses that she couldn’t stay away from him, she loved him so much and was ready to go to any length to protect him.

This is what our childhood looked like with our siblings, but when we grow up, we tend to forget the good old days of our childhood when we use to be so much in love with one another as siblings.

When I see brothers or sisters hate each other or hold grudges against one another, I tell them to remember when they were growing up; I tell them to remember when they used to defend each other, I tell them to remember when they used to share food and toys.

When I see couples quarrel, I remind them when they were meeting newly, I remind them when they were dating. I remind them the joy and bliss they used to enjoy together.

If we can remember how we loved our siblings or spouses at the very beginning, we can see reasons to stop the hate and love each other again.
Always remember the past, and you will see reasons to reconcile for the future.

What it Means to Take Charge

That being said, let us move on to treat the topic of today’s bible study, which says, “What it means to take charge.” There is no doubt that Miriam, Moses’ sister exhibited what it means to take charge in the above bible passage narrated.

In the absence of her mother and father, she followed her baby brother Moses down the Nile River watching to see what will happen to him. The height of her display of taking charge came when Pharaoh’s daughter picked baby Moses, she did not wait a second, she immediately swung into action.

Miriam was very confident and she said what was necessary at that very moment to the daughter of Pharaoh. Thanks to Miriam, Moses was nurtured by her own mother.

What it means to take charge is having the confidence to do what ought to be done by you, without hesitation, anywhere and anytime. Miriam exhibited the true meaning of taking charge.

If a responsibility is bestowed on you, then you have to stand your ground and take charge, do not wait until you are pushed before you do what you were meant to do, because delay can be dangerous. Again, do not shift responsibility, and do not assume that someone else will likely do what you are supposed to do.

If duty calls, take responsibility and respond accordingly, that is what it means to take charge. Do not hesitate, do not fidget, be strong and of good courage like Miriam, because in the end, God will crown your effort with success.

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