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Wealthy Lies – Aye Chul and Aye RI were separated when they were younger. Aye Chul was adopted. Years went by and Aye Ri is in her prime. She is living a life full of hardships. Surprisingly she recieves an interview letter from a re- knowned firm. Surprises wait ahead. Life full of lies. Friends in disguise. People who looked family betrayed them. A series of turns and one of the biggest heists ever. Union of long lost sisters and filthy truths. The lies of rich families and much more to be discovered. The classis story of rags to riches with a twist of crime and adventure.The story of 6 long lost sister. All the unspoken rules for a picture perfect family. The hardships to be born with. Mysteries that need to be solved. Answers that are too bitter to bear. Unruly relations. Betrayal in love and some romance in life. Will these girls ever be able to find their true happy ending without their family and anyone to trust?

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Wealthy Lies (Online)

Wealthy Lies
Wealthy Lies

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