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Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna Summary

Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna tells a story about Samantha Doyle, a strong female lead fated to be mated to three charming triplet Alphas of the New Dawn Pack.

Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna has the right amount of romance, leaving readers feeling giddy and hot for the scenes of Thea and the triplet Alphas. But what makes this novel widely known to readers is the amount of action and suspense that leave them breathless with anticipation.

I personally like how Thea is the powerful character here for being Beta, Alpha’s daughter, and Luna all at the same time. Not only that—she has magical powers, the reason why other packs wanted to get her. She is the gifted Luna.

Thea’s character in the Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna is an embodiment of empowered women but what makes her real is her flaws and weakness.

She’s got the power, but she’s not entirely invincible. Samantha Doyle did a great job of making her readers relate to the fictional world she created, which is awesome!

Part 1 Summary: Meet The Characters Of Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna

Thea Lyall

Thea Lyall has chestnut hair and turquoise eyes. She was born as the Alpha’s daughter to both of her parents. Her mother, Naomi, is an Alpha’s daughter, and her father is the Alpha from the East Coast. But her father chose to be Beta to the New Dawn pack, which makes Thea the future Beta of this pack.

Because of this and her strength, she trained with the Triplet Alphas since childhood. They grew up training every day before and after school. At such a young age, Thea could prove how she could fight against the triplets with her skill in combat. She’s strong, tall, beautiful, charming, and has the right confidence.

She’s the closest to the triplets in the pack. Thea never had a hard time telling which triplet was which, unlike everyone in New Dawn Pack. She saw them as brothers, but the triplet never once treated her like a sister. For the triplets, she’s someone special. Someone to be the Luna they will share together.

Alpha Alaric, Alpha Conri, and Alpha Kaiser Valko

Alpha Alaric, Alpha Conri, and Alpha Kaiser Valko are identical triplets and sons of Alpha Ulric of the New Dawn Pack. As future Alphas, they must train daily with Thea, the future Beta. But the three were adamant about making her a Luna, no matter how she denied her attraction to them.

After intense training, the three played another trick against Thea, and it was at this time they confirmed she’s somehow attracted to them when they smelt her arousal in the air.

Caution: Too hot! Keep your hands tight on the Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna book, and get ready to burn yourself with scorching, intense chapters!

Part 2 Summary: Story of Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna

Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna follows the story of Thea, one of the remarkable and strongest females you will meet in a werewolf romance. She’s the future Beta of New Dawn Pack but soon finds out she’s also mated to the triplet Alphas.

Thea trained with the triplets for years to prepare for their future roles. But Thea was horrified to realize her attraction to the triplets. She didn’t think it was right for future Beta to have sexual and physical interest with the future Alphas.

But the triplets convinced her nothing was wrong. Using their skillful hands and mouth, they prove to her why there was nothing to be embarrassed about. They want her as their mate.

In the middle of fixing their differences and terms of relationship, a massacre happened overnight in another pack. This steamy werewolf book will give us action-packed chapters as Thea, the triplets, and the Delta team fight to protect New Dawn Pack and other innocent packs from the wide massacre incident. Also, Thea will discover she has a magical power which other packs would kill each other to get her.

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Part 3 Summary: Intense Chapter From Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna

The Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna is a wholesome werewolf romance. If you’re not convinced yet, we listed exciting chapters from this novel and summarized them for you to enjoy!

Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna
Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna

Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna Book Information

Authors:Samantha Doyle
Genres:Possessive Alpha
Num Chapters:77
 Newest Chapter:Chapter 269

Triplet Alphas Gifted Luna Chapter 1 Synopsis Read Online

It was another before-the-school training between Thea and the triplet Alphas, but this day was different. It was a fight of three against one. Thea is a strong female lead who can outsmart the triplet Alphas with her skills. Kai was left unmoving after her comeback attack.

But it was an act. The three easily pinned Thea down on the ground.

However, while they were playfully tickling her, Alaric and Conric bit down on her marking spot, and an unexpected uncontrollable reaction made its way to Thea’s body. Her arousal was in the air, and she was utterly horrified and ran while the triplets froze, their eyes darkened with lust.

The chapter is titled ‘Uncontrollably’ because why not? Who can control it in front of the three gorgeous Alphas? Not Thea.

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