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Transcendent Dawn is a  60 Chapters Video Games novel by The Plagiarist, which has gotten more than 790.0 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Transcendent Dawn summary and more below.

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Transcendent Dawn Summary

After transmigrating, I discover that there is a resurgence of Qi in the East and there is a dawn of deities in the West.
When steam cannons and mystery collide, the Western Extraordinaries gradually awaken.
This is a world filled with a variety of advancements, class transfers, and hidden occupations, as well as never-ending exploration.
As the mystery of the West gradually unfolds, the ancient deities gradually awaken, and a fresh new world draws the curtains in front of Thulhu.

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Transcendent Dawn (Webnovel)

Transcendent Dawn
Transcendent Dawn

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