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Their Gemini Wolves is on of Eunie Lee’s Stary writing works as well as My Miracle Luna which has gotten the attention of over  3 million people who have added My Miracle Luna pdf and EPUB to their virtual library and it has over 10 million views.

Their Gemini Wolves pdf download
Their Gemini Wolves


Their Gemini Wolves Reviews (Goodreads)

rated it it was amazing

A very great sequel to My Miracle
Luna. One has to pay attention to all small detail in book 1 to fully appreciate book 2. The author did a very good job in creating interesting twists and turns to the story and crossovers too. I had to rack my brain to understand everything that was happening. But you won’t have to read the other book to follow the flow. So good, not boring. The revelations to Wyatt and his realizations created a change for the whole pack. I didn’t expect to see Selene here. I don’t know if there are werewolf facts but I’ve definitely learned more werewolf stuff here. But what I’ve read from this book is definitely mind blowing.
* * I always look past editing and translation errors, if there’s any

rated it it was amazing

Though Wyatt is an absolute ass for a large portion of the book I still come back to it time and again. This is in large part because of the twins and the story evolving from their experiences. Seeing Rylee is regaining the fire she had before she met Wyatt, not giving a fuck what other people might think of her and her abilities is quite refreshing too. All in all it’s a very enjoyable reading experience even if it is a little confusing with the crossover with the Desert Moon series which I haven’t read.

Amanda Hill 
rated it it was amazing

Are we gonna get a third installment of MY MARICAL LUNA / THEIR GEMINI TWINS


rated it it was amazing

This series has always been my favorite from this author. I absolutely love Wyatt and Rylee. This book definitely had some tear jerker moments.

I really hope the author continues this series because I honestly think this one is much better than the Desert series.

rated it really liked it

Great Story. It was a bit confusing at first, since I had to toggle back and forth between this book and Desert Nightmare but, after a while, it I got he hang of it.

About Eunie Lee Author of Their Gemini Wolves

Eunie Lee
Eunie Lee

According to what her profile says on LinkedIn, below are the basic information we have about Eunie Lee, the Author of My miracle Luna PDF.

Eunie Lee She lives in San Antonio, Texas, United States

Work Experiences

Eunie has over 8 years of AML/KYC experience in banking, gaming, and cryptocurrency. She currently works as a freelance novelist/author.

Eunie Lee Works for STARY PTE LTD as a freelance author since

March 2020. She has been a writer since March 2020. Eunie Lee, the author of My Miracle Luna has completed six books, all of which are published through Dreame Media/

Her Stary Writing works include:.

  • The Prophecy: Luna
  • The Prophecy: Orphaned Princess — manuscript incomplete
  • Desert Heat
  • Desert Storm
  • Desert Nightmare — crossover with Their Gemini Wolves
  • Sins of Time — manuscript incomplete
  • Sins of the Father — manuscript incomplete
  • My Miracle Luna — My best seller. This book has gotten the attention of over  3 million people who have added My Miracle Luna pdf and EPUB to their virtual library and it has over 10 million views.
  • Their Gemini Wolves — crossover with Desert Nightmare
  • Shadows of Orange — manuscript incomplete
  • Cheers to Comeuppance — manuscript in process

If you are looking for other books by Eunie Lee, they have been listed above.

She worked for Chartwell Compliance between April 2021 – July 2021 (4 months), for Huobi Trust Company as

AML Compliance Associate between January 2021 – March 2021 (3 months). Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Origin International Inc (Nevada) as AML Compliance Associate from March 2020 – December 2020 (10 months)

She also worked in Las Vegas, Nevada Area, assisting in writing/revising Compliance policies and procedures related to AML,

In KYC, OFAC, and BSA, where she conducts KYC, CDD, and EDD reviews of new and existing customers

Also Process vendor requests for KYC and EDD, Vendor research for ID verification and validation, Quality Assurance reviews

Caesars Entertainment Corporation

Eunie worked as AML SAR Analyst from February 2017 – February 2020 (3 years 1 month)

In Las Vegas, Nevada, she reviews patron player accounts to identify possible acts of money laundering

and/or terrorist financing; and at the same time time creates and fill out SAR forms for potential suspicious activity and submit to Sr.

She also worked as a review analyst. She reviewed anything from Casino Front of House alerts, System generated alerts, and KYC generated alerts.

she  was part of the UAT testing team for Actimize prior to implementation of the

system. Eunie Lee, the author of My Miracle Luna pdf and Epub was also tasked with training teammates when they were ready to

transition to Actimize from the previous case management system.

For Peyton Resource Group, she was AML Detection Analyst for USAA from September 2015 – February 2017 (1 year 6 months)

In San Antonio, Texas Eunie Lee worked as a contractor with Peyton Resource Group (PRG); her assignment was for 18 months with USAA Federal Savings Bank, there, she worked as a detection

analyst, analyzing data from system generated alerts to identify possible acts

of money laundering and/or terrorist financing. If such activity was identified,

She then wrote dispositions as to why the activity was deemed suspicious and the alert was escalated to “case,” and was then sent over to the AML investigations team for further review and/or analysis to determine if a SAR was needed or not. In addition to working as a Detection Analyst, Eunie Lee was part

of a few selected individuals that crossed trained into the AML Investigations Team.

At JPMorgan Chase, she worked as AML Compliance Officer from

September 2013 – September 2015 (2 years 1 month) in San Antonio, Texas.

She started as a Compliance Analyst from Sept. 2013 – Dec. 2014

Promoted to Compliance Officer with the corporate title of Associate in January 2015 and then selected 

to assist management in quality reviews July 2015 to

identify and report potential suspicious activity in both consumer and business accounts, and to also create and write SARs for potentially identified suspicious activity and submit them to managers for review. Her role and time with Chase also allowed

her to review for quality and finalize SARs for submission to FinCEN if and when her manager needed assistance or where out of office. 

After a full year with Chase, Eunie Lee was promoted from Compliance Analyst to Compliance Officer. Eunie was

also part of the team Social Committee and assisted in planning team outings, potlucks, and celebrating teammate birthdays and anniversaries.

At Robert Half, she worked as a Compliance Officer for JPMorgan Chase from March 2013 – September 2013 (7 months) in

San Antonio, Texas. She worked as a contractor for Robert Half, and I was assigned to JPMorgan Chase N.A for six months. Her  role at JPMorgan Chase N.A included identifying and reporting potential suspicious activity in consumer accounts- primarily focusing on interstate cash activity. 

After approximately three months, she was tasked with another team to assist with KYC Generated alerts/cases that focused on many different typologies. She created and wrote SARs for potentially identified suspicious activity and submitted them to managers for review. 

After my six months of temporary employment, She was hired as a full time employee.IBC Bank

Sales Associate/Teller from May 2012 – March 2013 (11 months)

San Antonio, Texas Area.

At HEB she was a Sushi Chef from June 2005 – May 2012 (7 years) Blanco 1604, 281 Evans, Potranco 1604, Lincoln Heights & Fredericksburg West Ave.

Eunie Lee’s Education

Eunie Lee attended Ronald Reagan High School between (2001 – 2005). She got her Associate’s Degree, Education · (2005 – 2009) from Northwest Vista College  and finally obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics · (2009 – 2012) from the University of the Incarnate Word.

You can contact her on LinkedIn via: 

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