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The Yandere’s Sect Master is a 50 Chapters Eastern Fantasy novel by RoosterLop, which has gotten more than 154.2 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read The Yandere’s Sect Master summary and more below.

The Yandere’s Sect Master Summary

Ip Jiang is a transmigrator who has already been in the cultivation world for a long time, but he was missing those golden fingers of other protagonists, instead he had to go through the same hurdles as others did in the world. Fortunately he was quite talented and rose up through the realms quickly. The world wasn’t as chaotic as those novels depicted though with drama at every corner. As such Ip Jiang, instead of focusing on being the best in the world created a sect. Later on becoming a force to be reckoned with, though not the best was still one of the top sects of the entire planet. But even though his sect and he himself is famous, not many know of his appearance.
One day while strolling around a nearby city he finds a homeless girl and out of pity accepts her as one of the disciples of his grand sect. Unbeknownst to him this girl really isn’t as she seems. She’s a Yandere! 🙂

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The Yandere’s Sect Master (Webnovel)

The Yandere's Sect Master
The Yandere’s Sect Master

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