The winter wolf’s heart

The winter wolf’s heart By Sally Bedell Smith

The winter wolf’s heart Summary

Was it merely a coincidence that Jillian met James Macleod, the giant of a man with pale blond hair and a Viking-like appearance, at the same time as the white wolf she had relied on for years to soothe her in times of need, returned into her life? James Macleod was a changeling who had experienced a single night of blood and fire and lost everything important to him. A petite, blonde veterinarian rocked his resolve and turned his life upside down. Devastated by shame and driven by grief, he had turned into a big white wolf and sworn never to walk as a man again. In order to answer a terrifying riddle—who is this stunning woman and why is his wolfen side seeking her?—James must now relearn how to be human and move in his human flesh once more. September 30, 1977 As the night sky became darker, ghostly white smoke tendrils rose against it. After two days, the house was covered in a mound of burned beams and ash on one side. A human could not have endured such destruction. James Macleod wasn’t a living being. He was lying broken, bleeding, and scorched well beneath the dark beams, on the verge of passing away but still unable to do so. He occasionally poked his head out of oblivion, only to have the unrelenting pain and misery take him back down. James finally opened his eyes as the declining moon covered its face. He briefly believed he was blind before realizing it was night, though he was unsure which night it was and didn’t care. Even though he was still barely alive, he didn’t give a damn. He started coughing up more blood and soot as a result of his fractured ribs screaming at him, but this time Oblivion was obstinately refusing to take him back.

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The winter wolf's heart
The winter wolf’s heart

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