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The Void Writer is a 169 Chapters Realistic Fiction novel by Yrythaela, which has gotten more than 169.1Thousand views on Webnovel. Read The Void Writer summary and more below.

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The Void Writer Summary

This young man in his early life as a teenager is considered to be a talent born once every century. A modern Shakespeare. Highly regarded by thousands of people all around the globe with his tear-jerking creations of love story that will make men and women cry.

In short, a genius.

But everyone knew of his true nature. Despite being awarded countless awards as one of the best romance author in the whole world, he’s… clueless. Everything about love.

His cold demeanor and a stone cold face shows no signs of attractions or feelings to anyone. He doesn’t feel any attraction to anyone.

Now, he enters the first years of his high school life. Several interesting characters entered his life in which fate clearly planned to.

Will he be able to feel the feelings of the character he writes in his novels or will he just be the same old, cold and heartless, ‘Void Writer’?

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The Void Writer (Webnovel)

The Void Writer
The Void Writer

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