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The Trapped mate is a 28 Chapters novel by SprinkleDreamer, which has gotten more than 7.0 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read The Trapped mate summary and more below

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The Trapped mate Summary

The Trapped mate – “No! You controlled my entire life but this is the one thing I won’t let you control. You can’t take this away from me!”
Iris Faith Jones is trapped. Every aspect of her life is controlled, and the ones controlling her are the ones she is supposed to call her family. Tired of her imprisoning life, she goes as close to being free as she can. She reads, and those books are the only source of happiness in her life, they give her hope, enough hope to dream of being free. Little did she know that her dream was about to come true.
Adrian Cole Roberts is the future Alpha of the Blood moon pack, But he can’t take the position without his mate. He longs to have her in his arms, to rule by his side, to love forever. He has been searching for years and is about to lose hope until he meets a small, shy girl in need of rescuing.
What will happen when they cross paths? What does faith have in store for them? Will he be able to save her from the clutches of her so-called family? Or will he give up?

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The Trapped mate (Webnovel)

The Trapped mate
The Trapped mate

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