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The Seventh Son is a 81 Chapters Fantasy novel by MK20, which has gotten more than 282.9 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read The Seventh Son summary and more below.

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The Seventh Son Summary

How far would a father go to save his sons? What lengths would he take? How big a sacrifice would he make just to amend a wrong he committed a century ago and give his sons a chance at a normal life.

The Seventh son is about a man who cheated on his beloved on their wedding day and centuries later his sons are still paying for his one mistake. But one day he decides to sire a son that would match the curse bestowed on him, a son that his beloved would not dare touch. Would it work and put a stop to a century old curse or would it backfire and unleash a worser curse.

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The Seventh Son (Webnovel)

The Seventh Son
The Seventh Son

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