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The Moon’s Mighty Alpha is a 173 Chapters novel by Scorpious_star, which has gotten more than 122.8 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read The Moon’s Mighty Alpha summary and more below

The Moon’s Mighty Alpha Summary

The Moon’s Mighty Alpha – Goosebumps raised throughout my body at the sight of my own hand. Claws replaced my nails and my normally clean hand was now covered in pure white fur. I frantically crawled around the hut to look for a mirror in spite of the vigorously flowing power making my steps heavy. Muddleheaded, I moved to the end of the room and found a large mirror before me. The view in the mirror was one that I could not believe.

What is happening to me? What even is going on?!
Cassiel, an omnipotent Omega who has yet to discover the hidden truth behind his abilities and power, finds himself trapped in a series of eerie dreams and unanswered questions. To put an end to his disquieted feelings, he is led on to a journey unnerved, where he finds himself captivated by the beauty of the Mighty Black Wolf.

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The Moon’s Mighty Alpha (Webnovel)

The Moon's Mighty Alpha
The Moon’s Mighty Alpha

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