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The Merry Knight is a 92 Chapters Video Games novel by Daoist5LB6oW, which has gotten more than 11.4 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read The Merry Knight summary and more below.

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The Merry Knight Summary

The protagonist doesn’t form alliances or fight for dominance, yet inadvertently creates a legend.
We see a guy who only wants to meet beautiful women, make money, and steal divine artifacts.
How does he become a lucky knight who possesses countless peerless beauties?
How does he become a top expert with unparalleled strength?
How does he become a perverted powerhouse with top-tier pets and super divine artifacts?
How does he become a billionaire with a wealthy family?
How does he become a knight with countless beautiful wives?

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The Merry Knight (Webnovel)

The Merry Knight
The Merry Knight

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