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The Lycan’s Queen is a romance novel of a world where humans, werewolves and Lycans all live in harmony. Lycans rule over them all, they are stronger, faster and more powerful than humans and werewolves. 

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The Lycan’s Queen Book Summary

Nineteen-year-old werewolf Aarya never considered herself to be a hopeless romantic until the boy she loved left her for his mate. Freshly heartbroken, she reluctantly attends the Lycan Ball, where she meets Lycan King Dimitri Adonis—and their connection is instant. Now the fiery couple must navigate the dangerous world of imperial intrigue while facing spurned ex-lovers, jealous underlings, and more.

The Lycan Queen
The Lycan Queen

The Lycan’s Queen Book Review

tfhemmer5: This is one great book you have. I simply loved it from start to finish. Everything flowed like wine. I hope the rest are just as good or better. Thank you and keep up the great writing

loveromance: This is an amazing story. I can clearly see the emotion and flow of ideas the author had when writing it. As a writer myself it’s amazing to see the small things in the way the author writes. I’m being 100% honest when saying that if I could I would rate the author’s style 6 stars if that was an …

Sakina: I really love this serie… Can’t put it away. And my belly hurts from laughing so much… Amazing ng other side effects from this book. Her boldness and impulsiveness.. love it … Ty

lesleyknight4: Loved this book really. Just wish one of them could have had a baby. Other than that it was an excellent read. Great job author.

Lissy: This was a good book. I read it fairly quickly. The storyline and plot were ok. The story was told in a simple way which is different than what I am used to. Keep up the writing I look forward to reading more from you

Deleted User: Honestly, I love your story, it’s original, it doesn’t show the human race in a post-apocalyptic world, where we are thriving as a species. As your story puts very well, even Utopia has its enemy, not everyone holds the same ideal. If you ever get this published as an actual story and it gets o…

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