The Lycan Sassy Luna

The Lycan Sassy Luna By Laney Del

The Lycan Sassy Luna Summary

You shameless whore. On what grounds do you level such allegations against me?”Alexis couldn’t believe what she had heard. It all started in a bar where she worked as a waitress. She had never seen him, and she thought he was quite the handsome one.She was still lost in his visual, when he suddenly pulled her on top of him, and breathed in her scent from her neck. He was staring straight into her eyes, like he could look into her soul, she could only stare back as though his eyes had magnetized hers and drawn them to his.He leant in and breathed her scent one more time, then turned her, so he was now on top of her. He brought his lips to her and kissed her, and then…

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The Lycan Sassy Luna
The Lycan Sassy Luna

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