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The Legend of Mingyue is a 57 Chapters Historical Romance novel by FrozenLeaf, which has gotten more than 153.2 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read The Legend of Mingyue summary and more below.

The Legend of Mingyue Summary

In her Family, Feng Mingyue was a little genius, everyone treated her like a precious gem. She lived a life full of everything that she needed and she was just like a little princess. However, God seemed to be playing with her life!

One day, she died in a car accident, after that she had been transmigrated into a sickly, cowardly, and unfavored Second Miss body from the Maquis of Ushi, which everyone used to bully her and called her trash.

The funniest thing was the Emperor had sent down an Imperial decree to the Maquis of Ushi manor by letting her, the Second Miss married into the Duke of Xing household!

On the first night of her marriage.

The high and mighty expressionless lord said: “We will live separately, there is still an empty courtyard, you can live there.”

“Sure, no problem!”

Two months after marriage.

Knock knock—

Feng Mingyue went to open the door, then she saw her husband in name staring at her without any emotion on his face.

She yawned: “What’s the matter?”

He said with a wooden face: “Wife, let this lord sleep here too.”

Feng Mingyue sneer and rolled her eyes in disdain: “Your highness, your place is still clean and safe, please go back, didn’t you said we will live separately? It’s not like someone has burned down your place and you have nowhere to live.”


On the next day.

A certain lord came again, he said with a deadpan face: “Wife, this lord place is burned, let this lord sleep with you tonight.”

Feng Mingyue:

After Feng Mingyue showed herself to the entire Hu Kingdom once again…

Her appearance was above average!

Her strength was not weak!

No one dared to laugh at her!

Just everyone waited and see how she use the intelligence of her past life as the 21st-century transmigrator to changed the whole continent!

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The Legend of Mingyue (Webnovel)

The Legend of Mingyue
The Legend of Mingyue

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