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The Imposter Princess is a 20 Chapters Contemporary Romance novel by Crow008, which has gotten more than 112.6 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read The Imposter Princess summary and more below.

The Imposter Princess  Summary

“A chicken wanting to become a phoenix? In her dreams.” – – – “She’s adopted. Not even real blood related. She’s the Imposter Princess of the Yins.” – – – “A disgusting villain filled with jealousy, bent on destroying her older sister’s love story.” ••• Yin Yating had the perfect love story. She fell in love with the most eligible bachelor in the country and he loved her back. She was the perfect daughter-in-law to his family and well loved with connections in high society. However, with every love story, there would be a villainess. Persevering through the obstacles together, the couple defeated the villainess. Then everyone lived happily ever after… Not exactly. Yin XinYi is the villainess in the story. ••• Yin XinYi is the adopted daughter of the Yins, a prestigious family of Country 86. She had a loving relationship with her family and simply adored her old sister, Yin Yating. After Yin Yating fell in love with the most eligible bachelor in the country and became the heroine in their fairytale-like love story, everything started to go downhill for Yin XinYi. Yin XinYi was humiliated in public for crimes against her sister that she didn’t commit. Her reputation was torn apart and no one in her family believed that she was innocent. She was framed and painted as the villainess in her older sister and faced with the betrayal of those closest to her. ••• “Fine. You don’t believe me? I’ll prove you all wrong.” – – – “Abandoned me? Fine. I’ll build my own empire and wait until you come crawling back to me.” – – – “Villainess? Fine! I’ll be the villainess of your dream-like fairytale! I’ll turn it into a nightmare! ••• Follow XinYi as she raises to the top and creates a love story of her own. “Who are you?” – – – “Your husband.” – – – “Get lost!” – – – “I bought food and I can cook.” – – – “…elaborate”

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The Imposter Princess (Webnovel)

The Imposter Princess
The Imposter Princess

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