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The Domain is a 87 Chapters Fantasy novel by DeathWalker, which has gotten more than 50.0 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read The Domain summary and more below.

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The Domain of All Summary

In a world where all come together, and all fight for survival by lying, scheming, killing, and doing whatever one can do to win, clash! Monsters, Demons, Angels, Gods, and many more fight to survive in this beautiful world, known only as ‘The Banished.’ Where some see it as hell, others see it as a tranquil and beautiful world. Will anyone be able to reach the ever expanding strength of this world or will they fall before they even start?

Due note that this is a FANTASY novel and that there are certain things that won’t make sense or will, completely take a left turn. I will do my best to explain but, for fucks sake it’s a fantasy novel and not realism.

This is my first novel. Please be kind (if you can) and try not to troll (again, if you can) but, criticism is gladly accepted and will always be welcome.

Also note again that this is also a harem meaning the MC will have multiple women, I know that this is not a very favorite genre for some but, I don’t care if you don’t like it because it’s my novel and not yours.

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The Domain of All (Webnovel)

The Domain of All
The Domain of All

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