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The Dark Side Of Fate Summary

The Dark Side Of Fate Summary

In a world where it is almost impossible to find a fated mate and hard to reject them, Tamia finds herself in a bind when her husband suddenly finds his fated mate. From the loved and wanted wife, she faded into the shadows of his heart. The heartbreak is intense, yet she can’t let go because of the ties that bind them, but she knows only true freedom can bring her peace. So when an opportunity to escape her husband’s pack presents itself by virtue of sacrifice, she takes it and does not look back. Fate might have decided to rob her of her joy, her home and her happy ending, but Tamia takes destiny into her hands and decides to create her own fate with the Dark Alpha.

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The Dark Side Of Fate Reviews (Goodnovel)

The Dark Side Of Fate
The Dark Side Of Fate

Cristina Da Cruz 
Hello! I just started readying and I’m loving this story. I see it says ongoing… does anyone know the authors update schedule? How often it is updated and if the story is coming to an end soon? Thanks in advance …

I wasn’t sure I could get into this reading the first chapters but I’m glad I kept going. I’m not that far in yet but liking it so far. I just wanted to tell people that when the comment box pops up, it’s because YOU pushed your screen too hard & it popped up. Simply exit out. It isn’t forcing you.

Lisa Chartier-Sharp 
This book has quickly became one of my most favorites! It’s a very different storyline and it evokes such emotions that at times I had to take a break because the emotion of the characters just radiates off the page…it’s just REALLY good!

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