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The Cascading Stream is a 80 Chapters novel by kylet25, which has gotten more than 54.7 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read The Cascading Stream summary and more below

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The Cascading Stream Summary

The Cascading Stream – The Cascading Stream
As time-travelling teleporters, Modoru and Nokosu try to find their way back to their own time, they must navigate Diviner’s city in hopes of finding what they need. All bets are on these two strangers working together…otherwise they will be stuck out of place in the past.

The Cascading Phenomena
Modoru’s journey takes a turn and he is thrust into adventure in Valkyrie City whilst meeting new people.

The Cascading War
One of the volunteer’s are taken hostage by looters and its up to Modoru to save them. Will they make it time? Or will disaster fall upon the bastion cities?

The Cascading Insurgence
In the aftermath of the war, a new threat looms on the horizon. This one however, is closer to home and will be Modoru’s greatest test yet….

The Cascading Ark
The final expedition begins to solve the last problem that plagues the bastion cities. How far will our hero’s go to achieve peace? Will they even stay on earth anymore?

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The Cascading Stream (Webnovel)

The Cascading Stream
The Cascading Stream

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