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The Broken Warrior’s Daughter

The Broken Warrior’s Daughter Summary

Cara Nelson is the daughter of two Guardians. Her mother gave her life saving the pack’s Luna and their young son, Rik, the future alpha. Her father became paralyzed while protecting the pack’s Alpha. Cara is meant to become the Guardian for Rik when he takes over as Alpha, but Rik doesn’t even know who she is. When the Alpha of a neighboring pack expresses his desire to take her as his mate, Cara gets caught in a battle between Alphas. Both of them want her as their Luna, but is it only because she is a Guardian who can strengthen their pack? While balancing her attraction to two alphas, she finds her destiny may not be as clear as she thought. Rather than her wolf having the soul of a reborn guardian like her mother and father, Cara learns that she and her wolf are the only ones in history known to have been born a guardian. When a third contender for Cara’s hand tries to force her to become his Luna, her Alphas must rescue her before it’s too late. Cara is destined to be a Luna, but will it be by force, by fate, or will she make her own choice? This is Book One of the Guardian trilogy.

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The Broken Warrior’s Daughter Reviews (Goodnovel)

The Broken Warrior's Daughter
The Broken Warrior’s Daughter

Jennifer Trubey 
I loved this book! I especially loved the heroine in the book. She was strong and confident but still kind. Sometimes the strong female comes across arrogant and rude, I can’t stand that. you can be strong and still a kind person. Thank you for this book! I’m starting the next one ……

Great book. It’s a romance story, but it doesn’t get boring or annoying at all. There is character development and it’s such a great start for the guardians trilogy. It has also a complementary book and then a sequel, and I have to say that all the books form this author are truly amazing!

Bella Jersey 
I gotta give you so many props. I found your book through a suggestion. Thank you suggestion gods. I am in chapter 3 and I’m locked. Jump on this book you won’t be sorry

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