The Blind Human is My Mate

The Blind Human is My Mate By Aya Starr

The Blind Human is My Mate Summary

“You look intruding and weird, you know that right?” He asked trying to discern if his suspicions from afar was indeed right. Eden chuckled and still staring into her phone, she said “you just want to find out if I’m blind right?” Without warning she looked up into his eyes and he shivered in disgust, his mate was indeed blind. The one to being hope to his mad wolf life was blind, he bursted into laughter immediately “fate you have got to be shitting me, this bitch is blind”. Eden frowned at him before saying as though he hadn’t just hit her where it hurts, “well thanks for stating the obvious but so is whosoever that is fated to end up with a mad person like you”. ***** A false prophesy! The fate of the werewolf world, A wild wolf belonging to the Alpha, fated to being peace, Betrayal!, Lies!, Deceit and humor lies in wait for naive and crazy Eden, who gets pulled into a world she is unable to see or imagine too. So many things are not what they seem as Eden find out that the family she had blamed herself for their death was never hers in the first place. Upon her meeting with Mr scary arrogant Alpha, she gets swept into a better version of herself. What does fate have in store for The Alpha’s Blind Luna and his Wild wolf?

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The Blind Human is My Mate
The Blind Human is My Mate

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