The Billionaire Triplets Take New York

The Billionaire Triplets Take New York is the second book in the Lost Loves series by E.T. Watson. It tells the story of Lynn, a single mother of three, who reunites with Silas, her childhood crush and the father of her children, after a decade of separation. The book explores the themes of love, family, betrayal, forgiveness and redemption. Read The Billionaire Triplets Take New York summary below.

The Billionaire Triplets Take New York Summary

Lynn was a shy and innocent girl who had a crush on Silas Prescott, the son of her father’s biggest business rival. One day, she was tricked by her sister into sleeping with him, but he mistook her for a maid and threw her out with a blank check. She discovered she was pregnant with triplets, but decided to raise them on her own without telling him. She worked hard as a waitress to provide for her sons, who inherited their father’s intelligence and charisma, and her daughter, who suffered from a degenerative eye disease.

Silas was a handsome and wealthy businessman who had no idea that he had fathered three children with Lynn. He had been searching for her ever since he realized his mistake, but he could not find any trace of her. He was lonely and unhappy, despite his success and popularity. He never forgot about Lynn and hoped to see her again someday.

Ten years later, fate brought them together in New York City. Silas was shocked to see Lynn working at a diner and even more shocked to learn that she had three children who looked exactly like him. He was determined to win her back and be a part of their lives, but he faced many obstacles and challenges. Lynn was hurt and distrustful of him, and she feared that he would take her children away from her. The triplets were wary and protective of their mother, and they devised various schemes to test and sabotage Silas. They also had to deal with their grandfather’s wrath, their aunt’s jealousy, their mother’s illness and their own secrets.

Will Silas be able to prove his love and sincerity to Lynn and the triplets? Will Lynn be able to forgive him and trust him again? Will the triplets be able to accept him as their father and bond with him? Will they be able to overcome all the difficulties and dangers that threaten their happiness? Find out in The Billionaire Triplets Take New York, a heartwarming and thrilling romance novel that will keep you hooked until the end.

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The Billionaire Triplets Take New York
The Billionaire Triplets Take New York

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