The Billionaire CEO’s Runaway Wife

The Billionaire CEO’s Runaway Wife by E.T. Watson is a story about Sarah, a woman who is trapped in a loveless marriage to Lucas, a billionaire CEO. Sarah has been enduring abuse from Lucas’s family for three years, and when she finally discovers that Lucas is cheating on her, she decides to leave him and start a new life.

The Billionaire CEO’s Runaway Wife Summary

Delve into the captivating third installment of the Lost Loves series, a tale of enduring strength, familial ties, and the transformative power of love. For years, Sarah Stanton has withstood a turbulent marriage, caught in the web of neglect from her husband, Lucas, and enduring ceaseless mistreatment from his domineering family. In a society that has turned a blind eye to her struggles, Sarah’s marriage was never an ordinary one; it was a union orchestrated by the formidable matriarch of the Stanton dynasty—Alice Stanton.

A self-made titan in the realm of commerce and industry, Alice is a woman who has fought her way to prominence in a man’s world, earning her place beside influential moguls like Augustus DaLair and Richard Prescott. Known for her shrewdness and discerning eye for talent, Alice had meticulously selected Sarah as the ideal match for Lucas, her handpicked successor to the Stanton empire. Alice believed she had fashioned the perfect merger, but what she didn’t anticipate was the crumbling façade of Sarah’s seemingly unbreakable spirit.

Sarah believed she could endure the emotional battery, society’s condescension, and the ever-looming specter of her husband’s suspected affairs. But one fateful evening reveals Lucas’s infidelity in no uncertain terms, and Sarah is shattered, steeped in tears of regret and the realization that enough is enough. Summoning untapped reserves of courage, she orchestrates her escape, securing not just a divorce but reclaiming her own destiny.

Lucas, plagued by remorse and confusion, spends the ensuing three years pondering the dissolution of his marriage and grappling with the mystery of Sarah’s sudden disappearance. He holds onto the hope that one day he will uncover the truth. That day arrives in a whirlwind when Sarah returns, and he finds himself utterly unprepared for their inevitable reunion.

The Sarah who stands before him is no longer the quiet, submissive woman he once knew. She is now a radiant, audacious figure, captivating enough to charm even the most cynical of men, including the enigmatic Silas Prescott. Unbeknownst to Lucas, the woman he was once married to has metamorphosed into the celebrated author Rosemary Thomas, whose novels ascend the bestseller charts annually. But Sarah harbors yet another concealed truth—one that will turn Lucas’s world upside down. When she left him, she didn’t depart alone.

Now Lucas must come to terms with not only his transformed ex-wife but also a revelation that will redefine him—a daughter he never knew existed. How will he navigate this complex new reality, and is he prepared for the life-altering journey that lies ahead?

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The Billionaire CEO's Runaway Wife
The Billionaire CEO’s Runaway Wife

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