The Assassin’s Daughter

The Assassin’s Daughter By DB0106

The Assassin’s Daughter Summary

She was raised by a cruel Alpha, an alpha who created an entire pack of mercenaries to make him more money. He trained them to lie, to fight, to kill. Her name is Ayla, and she was his most prized warrior. She was given her first knife at age five. She was isolated from others her age to teach her to not grow attachments. She was trained to take over her pack, to be the next leader of the world’s most vicious killers. Ayla’s father sent her on a mission to kill the leader of the next strongest pack, but when Ayla meets him she is instantly fascinated. His deep green eyes, jet black hair, and his large muscular form. She’s got feelings for him that she’s never felt of anyone before, but no wolf of her pack has ever returned without finishing a mission. Will she go home and face the wrath of her father, run, or kill this mysterious, alluring alpha?

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The Assassin’s Daughter
The Assassin’s Daughter

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