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The Alpha’s seventh mate is a 65 Chapters Fantasy Romance novel by Author Enigwe, which has gotten more than 134.0 Thousand views on Webnovel novel. Read The Alpha’s seventh mate summary and more below.

The Alpha’s seventh mate Summary

“I reject you Daisy Seers.I reject you and refuse for you to be my mate” Emidio said it out loud with a deep voice.Alpha Emidio Lupo was nicknamed as the prince of heartbreaks. He didn’t act shameless with women but he always rejected his mate and Daisy would be added as the seventh mate whom he didn’t want.

” I don’t do beastility”. Daisy glared at him and responded with boredom, shocking everyone present.

” What?” Emidio said and watched her with shock. Daisy rolled her eyes at him. Maybe he didn’t understand because he wasn’t human.

” I said , i do not do , Beast… . It means i prefer a human to sleep with me than a dog “

” You slave , how dare you”.

Daisy Seers, a beautiful brown skin fairy ,she had it all in the town of Lamour. A loving family and a perfect fiancée until all her dreams came crushing down when her so called perfect fiancée broke up with her the night before their wedding . Daisy was devastated, not knowing what was wrong with her and just when she thought her life was full of loneliness, she meets Alpha Emidio Lupo, the all known kinetic Alpha of Perilville Kingdom. She used her beauty , and he used his charm, together they made a deal to take a revenge on her ex fiancée. In exchange, she was going to help him to reject her. Unfortunately for them both, their mating bond was much more stronger than they expected, leading them into a pool of lust.

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The Alpha’s seventh mate (Webnovel)

The Alpha's seventh mate
The Alpha’s seventh mate

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