The Alpha’s Runaway Luna

The Alpha’s Runaway Luna

The Alpha’s Runaway Luna by Claudellaire is a gripping tale of forbidden love, heart-wrenching decisions, and the enduring power of fate. Read The Alpha’s Runaway Luna Summary below.

The Alpha’s Runaway Luna Summary

Giselle Sidney has harbored a deep love for Alpha Caden Einsworth, knowing full well that he could never reciprocate her feelings. However, fate had other plans, revealing that Caden was, in fact, her mate. The complication? Caden was enamored with Greta, Giselle’s older sister, who was already engaged to another man.

On the night of Greta’s engagement, Giselle found Caden in a drunken state and, out of compassion, helped him back to his condo. Their shared heartbreak led to an unexpected intimacy, changing the course of their lives forever. To avoid scandal, Giselle chose to leave her pack, becoming a Rogue to raise her child alone.

Despite her efforts, Caden returned, ready to take responsibility for their child. Giselle, however, refused to trap him in a loveless relationship, especially knowing his heart still belonged to her sister. Yet, as Caden’s feelings for Giselle began to shift, she faced a dilemma. Would her pride prevent her from accepting Caden, even as fate seemed to be pulling them together? Or would she once again flee from love’s complicated dance?

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The Alpha's Runaway Luna
The Alpha’s Runaway Luna

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