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The Alpha’s Commoner Bride is a 91 Chapters novel by Caroline Above Story, which has gotten more than 49.5 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read The Alpha’s Commoner Bride summary and more below

The Alpha’s Commoner Bride Summary

The Alpha’s Commoner Bride – I’m Aurora, an unmated commoner, an inferior bloodline.

My parents taught me a lot of things growing up, but the most important one is never piss off a royal. They run the world, they make the rules, and they are brutal when they don’t get exactly what they want, especially an unmated commoner girl.

Most royals fuck commoner girls for fun, knowing we couldn’t possibly fight back. Some of them do it to get their release and then kill them, leaving behind no chance for an heir that is a half-breed. I’ve never seen a commoner female return from the palace.

There aren’t many of us left in my pack, but my alpha has managed to convince the royal warriors that there aren’t any unmated females in his pack and if there were, he would gladly hand them over I’m unmated, only a year and half away from turning twenty to feel my mate. I pray to Moon Goddess that I need the protection of a mate.

Until that day, a tall, brute man walks into my house like he was invited in. I tremble while he grins.

He is a Royal.

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The Alpha’s Commoner Bride (Webnovel)

The Alpha's Commoner Bride
The Alpha’s Commoner Bride

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