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The Alpha King’s Slave is a 79 Chapters Werewolf novel by Bj passions, which has gotten more than 700.3K views on Goodnovel. Read The Alpha King’s Slave summary and more below.

The Alpha King’s Slave Summary

If you don’t find your mate by the age of 18, you will be forced into slavery. Your fate is decided by The Alpha King. My name is Brinley James, I’m 18, and due to rejection: I am mate-less, or I should say… Slave No. 508. BOOK ONE AND TWO OF THE ALPHA KINGS SERIES. Book one – The Alpha King’s Slave, Book two – Return of the Banished Alpha King BOTH BOOKS CAN BE READ AS STAND ALONE

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The Alpha King’s Slave Reviews (Goodnovel)

The Alpha King's Slave
The Alpha King’s Slave

Lizzy Spidell 
Honestly thought the first few chapters were great, more detail would have been nice but once paying for chapters started the book went down hill super fast! Only saying it’s got 5 stars so you all see it don’t waste your time as the author goes back and forth on the story you can’t understand it!!!

Bj Passions 
The Alpha King’s Series is a three book series Book 1 The Alpha Kings Slave Book 2 The Alpha Kings Cursed Mate Book 3 A Kingdom Of Snow And Iron They will be posted under the title Alpha King Series The Alpha Kings slave rewrite is already out Hope you

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