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Summoners Paradise is a 21 Chapters Eastern Fantasy novel by Bruhdamante, which has gotten more than 92.0 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Summoners Paradise summary and more below.

Summoners Paradise Summary

The Divine Tree Continent is the first and last line of defence against the vast and unending sea of monsters and beasts in the world. Every other known location in the world had been overrun by demonic beasts and mutated monsters that had crossed over from another Plane.

Some monsters were hundreds of metres in height, capable of destroying entire cities with a wave of their tails.

Some beasts were faster than the wind itself, taking the lives of dozens of humans in the blink of an eye.

Chen Fei, a completely normal fifteen year old was born in this world. Where humans were pushed to the bottom of the food chain, destined to be nothing more than food for the weak.

That is until-.

“Hmm? It’s possible to revive ancient buried fossils as spiritual beasts and using spiritual power as a medium? Human Knights and Fossil Knights whose strength can rival the demonic beasts and mutated monsters can cultivate using spiritual essence?! Sign me up!”.

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Summoners Paradise (Webnovel)

Summoners Paradise
Summoners Paradise

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