Substitute bride vegetative husband’s extreme pampering

Substitute Bride: Vegetative Husband’s Extreme Pampering by Jiangxi is a gripping romance that follows a young woman forced into an arranged marriage with a comatose billionaire. Betrayed by her family and abandoned by her fiancĂ©, she devises a bold plan to secure her future. Just as her scheme unfolds, her husband unexpectedly awakens, turning her life upside down in a dramatic twist of fate.

Substitute bride vegetative husband’s extreme pampering Summary

For the sake of thirty million yuan, her family coerced her into an unimaginable situation. They forced her to take the place of her sister, who had just returned home, and marry a man in a vegetative state. The shock was overwhelming when she discovered that this man was none other than Richard, the richest man in Hua Country, who had mysteriously vanished a year ago.

Her world was already crumbling when her fiancé betrayed her for her long-lost sister, and her parents, having found their biological daughter after twenty years, completely abandoned her. Now, she was tied to a husband who had also been discarded by his family, his life hanging by a thread.

Facing the bleakest of prospects, she made a bold decision. Determined to secure her future and exact revenge on those who wronged her, she resolved to secretly help her incapacitated husband sire heirs who could inherit the family fortune. Her plan was audacious and fraught with risks, but she saw no other way to reclaim control over her life.

As she meticulously executed her scheme, balancing the intricate details of deception and survival, an unforeseen twist changed everything. In the midst of her determined efforts, her supposedly dying husband, Richard, suddenly awakened from his vegetative state. This unexpected turn of events threw her carefully laid plans into disarray, setting the stage for a new and unpredictable chapter in her life.

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Substitute bride vegetative husband's extreme pampering
Substitute bride vegetative husband’s extreme pampering

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