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Son of Atlas:Revenge is a 12 Fantasy novel by Jaffaaaa, which has gotten more than 16.4 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Son of Atlas:Revenge summary and more below.

Son of Atlas:Revenge Summary

Hyas, son of Atlas, seeks revenge against the gods who imprisoned his father. He travels through the layers of the Greek underworld, facing obstacles and enemies at every turn. In the human world, he seeks the oracle of Delphi for guidance and is sent on a quest to find the powerful Spear of the Sun. But even with the Spear, his enemies are too strong, so he strikes a deal with the god of death. With newfound power, he faces off against the forsaken god of the sun, Helios, in a battle of epic proportions

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Son of Atlas:Revenge (Webnovel)

Son of Atlas Revenge
Son of Atlas Revenge

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