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Sex Sells  is a 52 Chapters novel by TayeSteele, which has gotten more than 108.5 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Sex Sells summary and more below

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Sex Sells – “We’re standing uncomfortably close and he makes no sign that he intends on moving from the position in which he has me pinned against the door, unable to flee. His eyes run down my face, my neck, over my cleavage, and he makes a sound of appreciation from his throat. He dips down to kiss me and I open to him on contact. Bringing his hands up to either side of my jaw he cradles my face, giving me a far sweeter kiss than last time. Unhurried, less desperate, but somehow it holds more intensity than last time. When he moves to deepen the kiss I give no objection, tilting my head, and lifting my arms to throw them around his neck.”

There’s nothing quite like the freedom of college. For many young adults, it’s their first experience with life on their own, but for Vale Clarke, it’s about more than that. It’s her one and only chance to carve a new path for herself away from her dysfunctional family. When she loses her scholarship she’s faced with two options: come up with the dough, or kiss her future goodbye.

Inspiration strikes her when she meets Kaden West. A hot rock prodigy born with a silver spoon in his mouth and a sense of entitlement to match. How far is Vale willing to go to lock down the future she wants?

Sex Sells (Webnovel)

Sex Sells
Sex Sells

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