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Seventh Reincarnation (SR) is a 138 Chapters novel by Takamiya_Shin, which has gotten more than 1.3 Million views on Webnovel. Read Seventh Reincarnation (SR) summary and more below

Seventh Reincarnation (SR) Summary

Seventh Reincarnation (SR) – Brandon is just an ordinary young man who can be found anywhere among the 8 billion people on earth. However, the Third World War broke out, and he was killed along with other civilians.

After his death, he found himself in a dark place without light. Just when he thought he would spend his time in the boundless shadows, he finds himself reincarnated into an anime world.

Brandon thought he would reach the pinnacle of life, have great wealth, and be surrounded by beautiful women. But that was just a mere delusion, he died at the age of one month after his reincarnation.

Then, he kept reincarnating again and again, but always ended up dying young.

Brandon’s behavior changed his destiny?

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Seventh Reincarnation (SR) (Webnovel)

Seventh Reincarnation (SR)
Seventh Reincarnation (SR)

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