Seven Days Before Divorce

Seven Days Before Divorce Summary

“Are you satisfied?” The icy words hung in the air as Cirrus stared down at Stela, his expression unreadable. Moments earlier, they had been entwined in a passionate, if somewhat perfunctory, embrace. But now, as he withdrew from her, there was a bitterness in his voice that cut through the tension like a knife.

Stela could only shiver in response, her body still reeling from their frenetic union. She looked up at him, her eyes wide and pleading, her limbs quaking from a mixture of exhaustion and desire. She could feel him inside her still, the remnants of their encounter and a lingering warmth that threatened to undo her entirely. But she couldn’t let that happen. Not yet.

Cirrus seemed to grow impatient, his tone edging on harshness. “Sign the divorce agreement. NOW!” His voice was sharp and demanding, the antithesis of the soft caresses they had shared mere moments ago.

Stela’s hand flew to her mouth as she tried to compose herself. Drawing a shaky breath, she looked directly into his eyes, her voice wavering but resolute. “No, Cirrus. I won’t sign the agreement unless you spend seven more days with me,” she said, her voice thick with emotion. As she spoke, she slowly lifted her legs upwards, pointing them towards the ceiling. A bizarre and yet purposeful act, as she tried not to let even a single drop of his seed escape her body.

Cirrus looked at her incredulously, his anger boiling over. “Stela, even if you manage to keep me here in this despicable, manipulative way, I will NEVER forgive you for killing my parents!” With a snarl, he stormed out of the room, leaving Stela alone with her thoughts.

The memory of Cirrus’ accusation haunted Stela, even after so many years. Five years prior, Cirrus’ parents had died in a car crash, a tragedy that had ripped him apart. He had come to believe that it was Stela and her parents who had plotted the murder, a suspicion that had shattered their once happy life. In his heartbreak and anger, he had pushed her away, unable to forgive or forget. Heartbroken and helpless, Stela had had no choice but to leave him.

The reason for Stela’s desperate plea was not one of vindication or revenge. It was one of hope. She wanted to get pregnant, hoping that a child would bring her back into Cirrus’ life. But more than that, she hoped that the child would be the key to saving their son, who was seriously ill. A son that Cirrus didn’t even know existed.

Years had passed since their separation. Stela had thought she could move on, could forget the past, could learn to live without him. But it was not to be. When she had returned to find him, hoping to rekindle their love, she had been shattered to find Cirrus with another woman. A new life, a new love. The pain was almost unbearable.

Despite her grief, Stela still loved him. She had given him everything she had. Her love, her life, her children. But Cirrus saw only a woman who had wronged him, who sought his attention and care through cunning and deceit.

It was only when the truth came out, when he discovered that Stela was dying of cancer and had borne him two children, that Cirrus began to question his beliefs. When he found out that it was someone else who had orchestrated the deaths of his parents, the weight of his regret threatened to crush him.

“Seven Days Before Divorce” by Amelia Kroez is an emotionally charged, heart-wrenching novel that explores the depths of love, betrayal, and redemption. As Stela and Cirrus are forced to confront their past and their present, they must find a way to heal old wounds and forgive each other if they are to have any hope of finding happiness again.

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Seven Days Before Divorce
Seven Days Before Divorce

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