Selling Myself To The Alpha

Selling Myself To The Alpha is a romance story about a human girl named Liana who accidentally sells herself to the alpha of a werewolf pack. The alpha, Axel, is surprised to find that he has found his destined mate in Liana, and they eventually fall in love. Read Selling Myself To The Alpha summary below.

Selling Myself To The Alpha Summary

The story is set in a world where werewolves and humans coexist. The werewolves are a proud and ancient race, and they have their own laws and customs. One of these customs is that the alpha must be mated to a virgin. If the alpha does not find his mate by the age of twenty-five, he is allowed to marry any virgin of his choosing.

Liana is a young woman who has just been betrayed by her fiance. She is angry and hurt, and she doesn’t know what to do. In a moment of desperation, she agrees to sell herself to Axel, the alpha of the werewolf pack.

Axel is a powerful and handsome man, but he is also cold and calculating. He doesn’t believe in love, and he sees Liana as nothing more than a possession. However, as he gets to know her, he begins to realize that she is not what he expected. She is kind, intelligent, and brave, and he starts to fall in love with her.

Liana is also starting to fall in love with Axel, but she is afraid to admit it. She knows that he doesn’t love her, and she doesn’t want to be hurt again. However, she can’t deny the pull that she feels towards him.

In the end, Liana and Axel find their way to each other. They learn to trust each other, and they fall deeply in love. They become the alpha and Luna of the werewolf pack, and they rule together with wisdom and compassion.

The story is a heartwarming tale of love and redemption. It shows that even the most unlikely of couples can find happiness together.

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Selling Myself To The Alpha
Selling Myself To The Alpha

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