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MaRune Knight is a 63 Chapters Fantasy novel by  _Dais, which has gotten more than 150.1 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Rune Knight summary and more below.

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Rune Knight Summary

“Only the dead know the end of war. He whose name is forgotten by time, whose skeleton still litters the battlefield, is a true hero. All others are survivors.”

A Knight of a Legendary Guardian Order. His Kingdom was massacred. His memories were taken, stripped away. In the legends, they say he and his brothers killed millions before they finally fell in that final battle at Gruumsh’s Gate.

Though none of the records agree with just how he emerged victorious, it remains the same that only one man walked away alive from those ruined plains, that shattered civilization.

Charged by a dying god with a mythical task suitable for the heroes of old, the greatest legend of our time began with the end of the largest battle in history.

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Rune Knight (Webnovel)

Rune Knight
Rune Knight

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