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Romance Novel Gone Wrong is a 59 Chapters Fantasy Romance novel by Mira_Diem, which has gotten more than 127.3 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Romance Novel Gone Wrong summary and more below.

Romance Novel Gone Wrong Summary

A romance novel gone wrong.

She reincarnated into the body of the three year old Ellendise Ariadne Mielle Vitron, the lonely villainess of the novel, “Robin The Songbird”.

The fluffy romance novel filled with sunshines and rainbows became a horror themed novel with cruel scenarios and evil villains much worse than the villainess Ellendise.

The impassive Ellendise who wanted to live a peaceful life chasing after her own happiness witnessed a man being cursed death for the first time!

The novel certainly did not have this kind of scene!

What’s even worse, she discovered the temple’s most hideous secret and found herself the target of the Archduke’s obsession.

“Lady Ellen is indeed amusing. You are the only woman capable of rejecting the Tower Master and the Emperor’s only brother. “

Ellendise has forgotten that her character was not the only villain in the novel.

The final boss was no joke!

“Have you ever thought of settling down, your grace?”


“As for me, I have thought about it before and I definitely will not die single in this life.”

“What are you saying? You already have me.”

“But you’re my master. A master is different from a lover.”

“Then we’ll get married tomorrow. End of story.”

“No..I already have someone else in mind.”

“Then we’ll get married today.”

A fantasy based medium-burn romance between a mage and his rabbit girl.

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Romance Novel Gone Wrong (Webnovel)

Romance Novel Gone Wrong
Romance Novel Gone Wrong

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