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Raised From The Wild is a 70 Chapters Contemporary Romance novel by Azalea_Belrose, which has gotten more than 56.5 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Raised From The Wild summary and more below.

Raised From The Wild Summary

‘Am I hallucinating? Am I dying?’ Marx thought. Perhaps he was seeing visions because he was feverish and his head ached from the contusions he suffered during the crash.

He blinked but the vision was still there. He saw a beautiful woman fully naked on the edge of the other side of the spring. Her slightly wavy hair with the color of copper cascaded freely down her slim waist.

She raised her arms and dived cleanly into the water. Marx waited but she did not emerged from the water after sometime.

Marx chuckled. “How could there be a woman in a jungle in the middle of nowhere?”

He heard a growl from behind him and before he can react a big tiger pounced on him. The last thing he remembered was seeing four canines closing in and hearing a loud female voice shouting, “Khalil, stop!”

Discover how Amaya who grew up in the wild copes with the pressure and challenges of returning to the civilized world. Accompany her on her journey to find love, acceptance and recognition in the treacherous human world of betrayal and greed.

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Raised From The Wild (Webnovel)

Raised From The Wild
Raised From The Wild

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