Possessive CEO Daddy by Lucia Love

Possessive CEO Daddy” by Lucia Love is a captivating romance novel that delves into the complexities of love, heartbreak, and second chances. Iris Parker’s life takes an unexpected turn after a passionate encounter with the enigmatic CEO Garvin Berret leaves her pregnant with twins. Despite Garvin’s initial rejection, Iris decides to reunite father and son by sending one of the twins to him. As the years pass, Iris and Garvin are forced to confront their past and their lingering feelings for each other. Can they overcome their differences and build a family together, or will their past mistakes keep them apart? Read “Possessive CEO Daddy” summary below.

Possessive CEO Daddy Summary

After a brief yet intense encounter with Garvin Berret, a powerful and distant CEO, Iris Parker finds herself inexplicably drawn to him, sensing a deeper connection. However, her hopes are shattered when Garvin callously dismisses their night together, leaving Iris heartbroken and doubting her own worth.

Returning to her hometown to manage her family’s business, Iris soon discovers she is pregnant with twins, both bearing a striking resemblance to Garvin. Overwhelmed by the thought of raising them alone, especially as one reminds her so strongly of the man who hurt her, Iris makes a difficult choice. She sends one of the twins to Garvin with a cryptic note, hoping to reunite father and son.

Garvin is bewildered and initially rejects the idea that he is a father, let alone of twins. Determined to find the mysterious woman who sent him his son, he is frustrated when Iris appears to have vanished without a trace. As five years pass, Garvin’s son starts asking about his mother, feeling the absence of a maternal figure, while the other twin yearns to meet his father.

Despite Garvin’s aloof demeanor, it becomes clear he is deeply affected by the absence of his son’s mother, unwilling to consider any other woman as a potential wife and mother to his child. When fate brings Iris and Garvin back together, they must confront their past and the bond that ties them through their children. Can they overcome their pain and pride to form a family, or will their history keep them apart?

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Possessive CEO Daddy
Possessive CEO Daddy

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