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No Moral by TEHANU

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No Moral Summary

No Moral – Do Yoonshin is an attorney who always fights for the weak, justice being his middle name. One day, his only family and significantly older sister Ikyung persuades him to join Doguk, one of the nation’s largest law firms, reasoning such experience would help his career in the long run. Though Yoonshin feels uneasy landing a job through personal connection, he eventually decides to take his sister’s advice. Soon he winds up working as an associate underneath Kang Sehun, a noted partner of Doguk. Sehun is an opportunist who doesn’t hesitate to trade under the table and resort to shortcuts. The two men sense that they aren’t compatible at first glance. Unfortunately, they have no other option but to cope with the given situation. Will they find a way to work with each other despite being polar opposites?

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No Moral (Online)

No Moral
No Moral

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