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My Three Mates is a 114 Chapters Werewolf novel by ANNIETROUP1, which has gotten more than 69.0K views on Goodnovel. Read My Three Mates summary and more below.

My Three Mates Summary

When your bosses find out your husband abuses you and they take you to their home. Once there you get mind blowing and gentleness you never had. Will being werewolves make you leave or make them hotter. Abby must choose her happiness over a tragic past and safety for her daughters as well.

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My Three Mates Reviews (Goodnovel)

My Three Mates
My Three Mates

Ruth Carruth
Wonderful and heartbreaking story! It tugs at my emotions, for sure. The only thing is that chapters 30 and 31 are out of order where chapter 30 comes AFTER chapter 31.

Lisa Anderson 
The story is good however, it is difficult at times to figure out who is speaking. Not really liking the fact that there is one person’s POV but then there is narration mixed in it which is irritating and confusing. Stop with the narrarator and just give the story by each person’s POV.

Jessica K 
The story is too rushed in the beginning. What really got me is that they are BROTHERS, literal brothers and they F*** each other. I kept reading thinking maybe they meant Brother in a close friend kind of way, but nope. I quit reading after that. The story wasn’t bad

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