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My mortal consort Summary

“She… ” Geb breathed “is my consort.”

Nut couldn’t believe her ears, how can he a god of Egypt, god of earth, her brother and lover call a worthless mortal his consort.

And immediately, she lost control her eyes turned white, the heavens were upset already. Immediately, she began to rain thunder and brimstone on Geb and Nessy.

Geb didn’t worry about himself he just shielded his consort from Nut’s hail as she lay lifeless in his arms.

An Egyptian god banished from his time, the ancient Egypt to the present Egypt of the 21st century, because of his act of neglect to the supreme father.

His presence in this present Egypt brings him to the life tie secret of the supreme father, which he never wished to share with the other deities whom their souls and existence were no more because of the supreme father’s acts in the past against mother nature.

He alone is able and with the will to fight against him and his wrong deeds to protect the other deities caged under his control.

Did he succeed with the help of his mortal consort or not! That is for you to find out.

Moreover, falling for a mere mortal is never the fate of any god. A love regected by the god of fate himself refused by nature and broken by time. Loving people sometimes means letting them go but that is definitely not what you say to a sturbbon god…

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My mortal consort (Webnovel)

My mortal consort
My mortal consort

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