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My Miss Fortune System is a 182 Chapters Magical Realism novel by YuuZu, which has gotten more than 508.6 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read My Miss Fortune System summary and more below.

My Miss Fortune System Summary

Martial masters? Ability users? What did it mean if espers and skill holders were fundamental to the pillars of society despite their extremely small number?

Mikelle Fortuna was a young man who attracted nothing but misfortune. It was like an occasional curse to him and the people around him.

At the age of 16, he was expelled from the sect for his lack of talent. With nothing but himself, he went on an adventure to follow where the wind would guide him.

On that fateful day of the unexpected miracle, he was granted a system after he paid homage to a Goddess statue. Then, a girl’s voice came to his mind.

[Find a Miss Fortune within a month or die.]

“What!? How? What kind of girl do I need to find?”

[Fortune Point is in the red zone, misfortune will befall you.]

“I have to find a Miss Fortune, but misfortune comes to me instead!?”

As luck would have it, Mike’s odyssey was filled with the beauty of wonder and unpredictable outcomes.

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My Miss Fortune System (Webnovel)

My Miss Fortune System
My Miss Fortune System

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