My CEO is an Alpha

My CEO is an Alpha By GifTY223

My CEO is an Alpha Summary

SYNOPSIS She falls in love with her dangerous CEO, who everyone has thought would fire her. She misinterprets his kindness to her as love whereas, he only wants her body. To satisfy his lust, he sleeps with her. However, she gets blinded by love and a painful feeling of a past life with him. After sleeping with her, he changes into what everyone believes is his true self. He makes work unbearable for her. She almost quit until the CEO’s cousin comes into the picture and becomes obsessed with her. The CEO falls head over heels with her and becomes hers. She finds out her CEO is an Alpha werewolf which gives a clue to her painful feelings. Evil rises against their union but their undying love would stand the test of time.

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My CEO is an Alpha
My CEO is an Alpha

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