Mr. Hector, I Quit!

Mr. Hector, I Quit! By Passé

Mr. Hector, I Quit! Summary

After five years of being a contract wife of the most cold-hearted billionaire magnate, Abby Brooke woke up from her delusion that her boss —Mr. James Hector, would someday return her love and take their relationship seriously. Overhearing her boss discussing her price as a mistress to his business partner infuriated her beyond imagination and after enduring one last poor treatment from the guy she finally said the words ‘I quit!’, Abby Brooke fled the city carrying her broken heart and vowed never to forgive her boss for the way he had hurt her feelings. But can she really stop herself from forgiving the man she loved for five years after he starts to be all over her obsessively? Asking her to remarry him and seducing her endlessly!She might still be in love but she’s no longer a blind fool, so she agreed with the new contract… stating all her rules!

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Mr. Hector, I Quit!
Mr. Hector, I Quit!

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